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Our solutions in a valuation & fairness opinion context


Planning of a large project requiring a large capital investment and with a long-term (15+ years) cost recovery timeline.

Industries include construction and infrastructure; transport; energy (renewables / oil and gas); mining.

Accuracy by your side

-          Business Modelling

We apply our corporate finance and long-term project expertise to create an MS Excel©-based financial model to move your project plan from theory to reality. Specifically we: 

  • unite the assumptions and recommendations of your operational, finance and tax teams in a single, integrated model
  • create a flexible model, allowing you to optimise your project both in its structure and in the underlying assumptions
  • analyse the project based on your key performance indicators to support your decision making
  • enhance models with scenario and sensitivity analysis tools so that you can quickly examine downside cases and take action to limit your risks - while maximising upside potential

By building our models in progressively detailed phases, you will be able to evaluate the proposed project at several stages and decide whether or not to proceed to the next phases.


-           Project Finance:

Accuracy models meet all accepted best practice standards and are built to be bankable. When a financial model and the modelled future cash flows lay the foundation of receiving project financing, we:

  • model financing cash flows and reserve accounts according to the proposed credit terms
  • notify you when specific conditions are limiting your returns and suggest optimisation measures
  • spend the time leading up to financial close interacting with bank-mandated model auditors to assure the model’s acceptance by your banks
  • create model outputs that easily feed into credit contracts, including drawdown and repayment schedules

 In addition we convert the financial close model into an operational model for covenant monitoring and submission to the MLA and internal financial reporting.

-           Tender Submission/RFP:

A calculation error in your Best and Final Offer (BAFO) for a concession can lead to a losing bid or, worse, getting locked into a loss-making, long-term contract. With financial modelling from Accuracy, you can submit your bid with confidence as we:

  • create a detailed bid model and notify you when the contract terms are insufficient, vague, or contradictory
  • work with you build project summaries into your model, helping keep the KPIs for your tender documents and shareholders up to date
  • integrate project submission documents (price sheets, etc.) into our model to reduce the human error inherent in transcribing values into your bid